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“SUN SURF” primarily reproduces the rayon Hawaiian shirts of their golden age from the 1930’s to the 1950’s. These Hawaiian shirts are often called ‘the vintage,’ and since its foundation in the 1970’s, the brand has collected thousands of such vintage shirts and even analyzed them in order to manufacture the authentic replicas. In addition to the shirt layout designs, their rich and bright coloration is precisely reproduced by using the traditional printing techniques, such as discharge or over-printing. Thus a great range of these beautiful garments, or “the art of wear” in other words, are proudly offered by SUN SURF with a strong hope that more people can feel and enjoy the value of true vintage Hawaiian shirts.

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Sun Surf Lot No. SS38925 / Sun Surf Special Edition “Red Snapper”

SGD369.00 Inc. GST
TITLE: “RED SNAPPER” ORIGINAL BRAND NAME: KALAKAUA ESTIMATED MANUFACTURING DATES: LATE 1950s FABRIC: RAYON KABE CREPE PRINTING METHOD: OVER PRINTING PRINTING PATTERN: ORIENTAL DESIGN KALAKAUA is a Hawaiian shirt brand that had released historical works since the late 1940s. Although the detail of the brand has yet to be revealed, SUNSURF has continued to research it in Hawaii for more than 20 years. The one of the most famous works it created is "Hundred Tigers" which we could regards as a representative of Hawaiian shirt with Japanese patterns. The "Red Snapper" is also one of such works. Lively red snappers are delicately and boldly printed on the colorful rayon fabric by skillfully using 15 colors of intricately carved screens. Among the many Aloha shirts that we have collected so far, this is a masterpiece that has the most distinctive and impressive impact. SUN SURF SPECIAL EDITION
Aloha shirt - the garment that symbolizes the paradise called Hawaii. However, its origin has much to do with the Japanese immigrants to the islands, and thus the shirt designs range from tropical patterns to that of oriental. In the mid-20th century, when Hawaii became a popular tourism cite, Aloha shirts were in great demand as a souvenir. With this background did the designs become even more diverse, some of which still appear to this day as incredibly rare vintage. “Sun Surf Special Edition” has a high regard for these textile designers of the time, and it is dedicated to creating complete replicas of such exquisite vintage, by precisely mirroring such features as the multicolour and impressive patterns or the various use of fine details, many of which have tended to be lost over time.
100% Rayon
Made in Japan