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Buzz Rickson’s Lot BR14872 / N-3 Utility Jacket

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The US Navy adopted the N-3 utility jacket in the early 1940s. Its simple design, with one patch pocket on the chest and two patch pockets on the waist, has a similar appearance to the P-41 adopted by the US Marines around the same time. It can be identified by the "USN" or "USMC" marking on the breast pocket. The buttons are black donut-shaped tuck buttons used during the Great War and are engraved with laurels. The sleeves are cylindrical and can be adjusted with two tuck buttons on the ends of the sleeves. When World War II broke out and the number of soldiers increased, there was a rush to produce additional equipment, and jackets like the N-3, which were extremely simple, were extremely suitable for mass production. 100% Cotton Made in Japan

Buzz Rickson’s Lot BR15123 / USMC M-1944 Herringbone Utility Jacket

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A herringbone twill utility coat adopted by the US Marine Corps in 1944. It has a functional design with large pockets on both chests that go from the shoulder to the chest, and a patch pocket with a flap on the left chest. The sleeves are made of one piece, and the ends of the sleeves are adjusted with a single iron button for minimal details. The back of the front has a gas flap to prevent gas from entering, and the button on the back of the collar is for attaching and detaching the gas protection hood. 100% Cotton Made in Japan

Japan Blue Jeans (JBOT13053A) Sashiko Haori

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Style: Haori Haori is a traditional Japanese jacket (a type of short kimono). Although it is simple, unique design and fabric are great accents on your outfit. Fabric: 11oz indigo sashiko. Sashiko fabric is originally for firefighter’s clothing in the Edo period and in modern times, it is known as Judo and Kendo uniforms. Japan Blue Jeans developed this sashiko fabric into modern and casual clothing. The fabric is lighter and softer compared to how it was in the past to suit daily casual wear. JBJ's indigo sashiko fabric is rope dyed as same as denim, so it will get fades. Details ・Side seam pockets ・Inside pockets ・100% Cotton ・Made in Japan -------------------------------------- The model is 183cm, 62kg.

Japan Blue Jeans (JBOT13063A) Denim Bomber Jacket

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Fabric: 13.5oz crunch denim Crunch denim is called "crunch weave" or "rough weave" because of its rough texture. It is characterized by an uneven look and soft texture like selvedge denim. 13.5oz denim provides a solid wearing experience. Using of darker indigo dyed yarns allows you to enjoy the aging! Details ・Zipper closure ・Marerials: Shell: 100% Cotton Lining: 54% Cotton, 46% Nylon Rib: 45% Cotton, 42% Polyester, 13% Polyurethane Made in Japan

Japan Blue Jeans (JBOT13414S) Point Drizzler Jacket

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Fabric: West Point Waist Point fabric made of lustrous combed yarn. "Combed yarn" is made by removing impurities from the fibers and aligning the fibers parallel to each other like brushing hair with a comb to make it smooth. Using the yarns made by twisting two yarns together (two ply yarn), prevents fluffing and gives the fabric a soft texture that nice to touch. The high-density weaving process makes the fabric firm and sturdy. 100% Cotton Made in Japan

Momotaro Jeans (2105-13) 13oz Selvedge Denim Jacket w/Side Pocket

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- Slim fit - Indigo colour - 13oz. selvedge denim - Zimbabwean cotton - One wash - Beige contrast stitching - Original Momotaro buttons - Pink selvedge ID - Leather patch - Two buttoned chest pockets - Two side hand pockets 36=S 38=M 40=L 42=XL 44=XXL 100% Cotton Made in Japan

Momotaro Jeans (MXLS1014) Indigo Jacquard Cardigan

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This jacquard woven cardigan has an eye-catching indigo patchwork. Indigo yarns are rope-dyed. It has slit pockets on both sides for convenient use. As it is a single piece of seamless fabric, it is smooth and comfortable to wear without the stiffness of actual patchwork. You can also enjoy the indigo hue that gradually fades with each wear. Just by wearing it over a simple inner layer, you can create a look with a strong presence. [What is jacquard weaving?] Jacquard weaving is a weaving method that can produce elaborate and complex patterns and designs by intricately combining yarns. The Jacquard loom was developed in 19th century France by inventor Joseph Marie Jacquard and revolutionized the world of textile design. Patterns woven by Jacquard weaving are very elaborate and sophisticated, and are suitable for expressing depth and three-dimensionality, enhancing the wearer's individuality. 100% Cotton Made in Japan

Nudie Jeans Co. Danny Greasy Denim Jacket

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Regular-fit denim jacket equipped with two front welt pockets and two chest pockets. The wash draws inspiration from a vintage worn-in jacket that we stumbled upon. And just like its reference, this jacket has a washed-out mid-blue hue with very soft highlights. It is special in that the wash is subtle and yet it got a huge amount of character. A true gem!


  • Organic cotton
  • 13.75 oz. rigid denim
  • Tobacco thread at seams
  • Navy buttonholes
  • Copper buttons
  • Jacron patch
  • Regular fit
100% Cotton Made in TN

Nudie Jeans Co. Jimmy UD Zip Jacket

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Regular fit zipped worker jacket made in Nudie Jeans Utility Denim. Our vintage workwear-inspired denim that consists of recycled, worn-out Nudie Jeans and certified organic cotton. This zipped worker jacket's fit is regular with a boxy silhouette. The pleats at the back keep it tidy while allowing unrestricted movement when needed. Adjustable straps at the waist allow for adjustments - keeping the cold out or letting the warmth out. It features welt front pockets with pocket bags attached using curved twin-needle seams through the shell fabric. Additionally, it features a nifty chest pocket that features a clever hidden slot. This jacket is our refined interpretation of the classic zipped workwear jacket. Convenient, comfortable, and with timeless beauty that when worn extensively, only gets better. Our Nudie Jeans Utility Denim is our take on the denim of the finest chore coats, dungarees, and carpenters' pants from the 1930s, which utilizes fine, high-twist yarns together with a 2/1 Z construction. This denim is made possible thanks to the locals in cities where our Nudie Jeans Repair Shops are located. The process is straightforward yet impactful: we remove metal trims, cut and grind the jeans, and transform them back into fiber to create new denim. By doing so, we extend the lifecycle of the cotton we have already used, reducing the need for new virgin organic cotton
-80% Organic Cotton, 20% Post-Consumer -recycled cotton from -worn-out Nudie Jeans -11.8 oz. rigid denim -Off-White thread at seams -Vintage-inspired -Stainless Steel trims -Regular Fit Made in Tunisia

Nudie Jeans Co. Robby 70’s Sand

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Here’s a slightly updated version of Robby, regular fit jeans jacket. The flaps covering the chest pockets got smoother, rounded edges, and we made the collar points longer. These minor changes go perfectly with this Japanese twill: it’s stiff, clear texture and the 50/50 ratio of organic cotton and recycled polyester. Nudie Jeans call it hue sand, but it has more the look of wet sand.
  • 50% organic cotton 50% recycled polyester
  • 11.65 oz. rigid twill
  • Matching thread allover
  • Copper button trims
  • Jacron patch
  • Regular fit
50%Cotton 50%PES Made in Tunisia

Orslow 6002 Type 2 1950’s 13.5oz Selvedge Denim Jacket (2 Year Wash)

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The TYPE2 DENIM JACKET, said to have been born in the 1950s, retains the pleats on the front, reminiscent of the TYPE1, but now features two front pockets. The back belt has been eliminated, and an adjuster has been added to the hem belt section, resulting in a modified silhouette. This transformation elevated it from a workwear garment to a Western wear and fashion item. It was a popular choice worn by actors and musicians who were active during the 1950s to 1960s. Orslow's 50'S DENIM JACKET is produced using carefully selected original selvedge denim, starting from the thread stage. The fabric, woven with yarn that exhibits the natural irregularities seen in denim from the 1950s, evolves with wear and repeated washing, becoming a cherished item that develops a unique patina over time. 100% Cotton Made in Japan

Orslow 6005 Type 3 1960’s 13.5oz Selvedge Denim Jacket (Used Wash)

SGD579.00 Inc. GST
This is the 60's style denim jacket, which is the most familiar design among denim jackets. It evolved from TYPE1 and TYPE 2, shedding its workwear image and becoming fully recognized as a fashion item. Beloved by many musicians, hippies, surfers, and others during the 1960s to 1970s, it carries a strong association with that era. The denim used in this jacket is woven with original uneven yarn, evoking the atmosphere of the 1960s. It is available in two color variations: one wash and used wash. 100% Cotton Made in Japan