Born and bred in Osaka, Dubbleworks produces vintage-inspired clothing with the legendary Japanese attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Founded six years ago, Dubbleworks is the stylish, hip child of a venerable parent, Sankei Meriyasu. Established in 1926, Sankei began its life as a manufacturer of athletic wear and gym uniforms, even supplying the Imperial House of Japan with such garments.

Dubbleworks’ products combine elegant, modern flair with vintage craftsmanship. Instead of relying solely on automated spinning machines, Dubbleworks uses Marudo knitting machines–little changed since their introduction in the early 1920s. The unique signature of Marudos is their lack of side seams: because these machines create tubular fabrics, craftsmen only have to cut the fabric once, horizontally. Though this production method does take longer to finish, it also boasts unparalleled comfort, quality, and style.

All production, from spinning yarn to sewing seams, is done on-site at Dubbleworks’ factories in Osaka, located in the Kansai region of Japan. As Japan’s second-biggest city, Osaka is well-known for its friendly, funny people, distinct, delicious food, and strong business acumen. Once, the city was also famous for its textile industry, though it’s difficult to find such products today. In that sense, Dubbleworks is one of the last of its kind: an outpost of Osaka’s textile spinning days, a small remnant of a fading industry.

Today, Dubbleworks offers sleek, casual menswear made of high-quality cut-and-sewn garments. Clients include established companies in both Japan and the United States.

Dubbleworks sits at the intersection of past customs and future exploration, as it pairs a boutique craft tradition with sophisticated, modern tastes. In that sense, Dubbleworks embodies the best of Osaka: its respect of what came before, its embrace of what is yet to come, and its signature, inimitable fusion of these two dynamics.

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