Whitesville Lot. WV73544 2-Pack T-Shirts

A 2-pack T-shirt made of soft and soft Tenjiku fabric knitted with 20th combed yarn. The body has a round body, and the collar uses ribs knitted with 30th thread. The double binder neck specification is used to sandwich the body fabric with ribs and sew the tape-shaped fabric of Tenjiku knitted with 30th thread at the same time. As a result, the neck area is more robust than a regular T-shirt. Two needles are sewn on the shoulders, hem and cuffs.

As seen on Jeremy Allen White that starred on ‘The Bear”

Dubble Works

DUUBLE WORKS is a cut and sew brand inspired by American vintage.
Fabrics made using traditional methods dating back to the 1950s and sewn by skilled craftsmen. We take the time to carefully create comfortable wear, quality, and style.

Dubble Works Heavy Weight Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Black, White, Yellow & Green


Pigment Dye – Pink, Black & Turquoise



Nudie Jeans Co.

Nudie Jeans Co. Tight Terry Night Shadows

Nudie Jeans Co. Lean Dean Black Eyes
Nudie Jeans Co. Grim Tim Summer Storms

Nudie Jeans Co. Steady Eddie II Heavy Rain

Nudie Jeans Co. Clean Eileen Ochre

Nudie Jeans Co. Inger UD Dungarees Dress

Nudie Jeans Co. Molly Western Denim Skirt

Nudie Jeans Co. Josh Denim Shorts Blue Haze

Nudie Jeans Co. Seth Denim Shorts Aged Black

Nudie Jeans Co. Jimmy UD Zip Jacket

SugarCane & Co

SugarCane & Co. Lot. SC79349 / 1920’s Cartoon T-Shirt

SugarCane & Co. Lot. SC25513 / Vat Dye Chambray Work Shirt

SugarCane Lot No. SC27853 / Hickory Stripe L/S Work Shirt

SugarCane & Co. Lot. SC15503 / Fiction Romance 11oz. Blue Denim 1920’s Work Coat

SC40401A/14oz. Hawaii Indigo Mixed Right Hand Twill Denim (One Wash) 

Lot No. SC40401 / 砂糖黍製 14oz. HAWAII藍混右綾DENIM

SugarCane & Co. Lot. SC42460 / Black Denim 1947 Model (Regular Straight)

SC41947A/14.25oz. Selvedge Denim 1947 Model Regular Straight (One Wash)

Lot No. SC41947 / 14.25oz. DENIM 1947 MODEL (REGULAR STRAIGHT)


Sun Surf

“SUN SURF” primarily reproduces the rayon Hawaiian shirts of their golden age from the 1930’s to the 1950’s. These Hawaiian shirts are often called ʻthe vintage,’ and since its foundation in the 1970’s, the brand has collected thousands of such vintage shirts and even analyzed them in order to manufacture the authentic replicas. In addition to the shirt layout designs, their rich and bright coloration is precisely reproduced by using the traditional printing techniques, such as discharge or over-printing. Thus a great range of these beautiful garments, or “the art of wear” in other words, are proudly offered by SUN SURF with a strong hope that more people can feel and enjoy the value of true vintage Hawaiian shirts.

Sun Surf Lot. SS79380 / Ginza Tee

Sun Surf Lot. SS79378 / Logo Tee

Sun Surf / Lot No. 39066 / SPECIAL EDITION “ Ushiwakamaru Fighting Benkei



Buzz Rickson’s

Buzz Rickson’s Lot. BR11703 / US NAVY Denim Gas Protective Parka

Buzz Rickson’s Lot. BR28824 /Shirt, Man’s, Cotton Oxford Cloth, 4oz. Blue

Buzz Rickson’s Lot. BR29174 / Herringbone Work Shirt – Olive

Buzz Rickson’s Lot. BR40025 / Original Spec. Chinos – Olive & Khaki


Buzz Rickson’s Lot. BR02719 / Belt, Web, Waist, EM M-1937
Buzz Rickson’s Lot No. BR02536 / Cap Mechanic Type A-


Warehouse & Co.

100% Japanese Made
Warehouse & Co. Lot 4059 / Ringer T-Shirt

Warehouse & Co. Lot 4093 / Panel Border T-Shirt
Warehouse & Co. Lot 4800 / 3/4 Baseball T-Shirt
Warehouse & Co. Lot 1097 / USMC Herringbone Monkey Pants


Warehouse & Co. Lot. 1228 / 1874 3 Pocket Heavy Leather Bound Overall


Warehouse & Co. Lot 1001XX(1000XX) [1953MODEL]

Warehouse & Co. Lot. 1105 (Late 1970’s) 7×7 Selvedge Tapered w/Talon Zipper

Warehouse & Co. Lot. 900XX 13.5oz Slim Tapered (One Wash)


Made In Japan
100% Cotton
Denime Lot. 265 / Football Tee

Denime Lot. 220A (Offset XX Model) Regular Straigh


Denime Lot. 221 BIG E 1960’S Model Tapered (Non-Washed)

Made In Japan



Denime Lot. 224 (66 Model) Slim Tapered



Pure Blue Japan Core Collection

Pure Blue Japan


Pure Blue Japan is know to have a unique production method utilizing a low tension machine, resulting in a slubby, and rough feeling denim. What is particularly special about their production is that most of their denim rolls off a single machine. A machine which has been adjusted to output fabric which features an uneven and hairy weave.

(SLB-019) 16.5oz Slub Selvedge Relaxed Tapered
(SLB-003) 16.5oz Slub Selvedge Regular Straight

 (TCD-019-BK) Teacore Black 14oz. Black Selvedge Denim Relaxed Tapered

Indigo Slub Jersey Raglan T-Shirt

Indigo Jersey Crew Neck T-Shirt
Double Face Indigo x Stripe Type 2 Jacket

Japan Blue Jeans

In 2019, Japan Blue Jeans are still eager to step into the next stage of refined denim. ‘CIRCLE’ is their latest series. The ‘Jeans of a new dimension’, featuring the best fit around a waist, are now available. This pair of jeans adopted ‘a curve belt’, which perfectly fits with any ordinary Japanese waist. Japan Blue Jeans have also selected the best four shapes: classic straight, straight, tapered and skinny. Furthermore, the ultimate jeans are completed by choosing a textile out of four types of cotton, based on a locality, ounce weight, and selvage quality.

‘CIRCLE’ is returning to its root in Japan by being evolved in Europe. JAPAN BLUE JEANS will be progressing with a ‘Made in Kojima’ quality by our extensive experiences acquired around the world.

Type #2 Tapered

Type #3 Straight

Type #4 Classic Straight

Type #5 Loose

*all selvedge 

Warehouse & Co. Loopwheel T-Shirt

100% Japanese Made


Loopwheel is a way of knitting cotton yarns with a special loopwheel machine. Currently, there are only two factories in the world that make tube-knit, loopwheel fabric. One is in Wakayama, Japan, and the other is in the Swabian Alps of Germany with Merz B. Schwanen. The Rite Stuff’s Pocket T-shirt is made with loopwheel cotton fabric from Wakayama. The idea is that the fabric machine hangs and the fabric it knits falls from the machine, placing no tension on the fabric.

. This allows loopwheel machines to create a denser and softer cotton fabric. The only way to recreate this fabric today is to use the tubeknit, loopwheel machines from these two surviving factories.


Loopwheeled garment it promises a softer feel and stronger construction than other knits made on modern machines; the fabric is woven with a high stitch count under as little tension as possible, resulting in a product that is arguably the best t-shirt material you can possibly get.

Warehouse & Co. Lot. 4063 Loopwheel No Print 3/4 Sleeve Football T-Shirt


Warehouse & Co. Lot. 4049 Loopwheel 3/4 Sleeve Freedom T-Shirt

Warehouse & Co. Lot. 4601 Loopwheel No Print T-shirt

Momotaro Jeans x The Denim Store “Gold Monogram”


Momotaro Jeans x The Denim Store
“Gold Monogram”
This is our 3rd collaboration with Momotaro Jeans. This fabric is produced for this collab.

*Available In 3 Fits

TDS0306 Tight Tapered
TDS0605 Natural Tapered

TDS0905 Classic Straight
Gold Monogram GTB Paint

Gold & Silver Selvedge

Indigo Dyed Deer Leather Patch

Pink Thread Inseam
Original Rivet & Hidden Rivet

Momotaro Jeans Sashiko GTB


Sashiko GTB

Let me talk about SASHIKO GTB JEANS, a very popular product of MOMOTARO JEANS.

Do you know SASHIKO fabric?

SashiKO fabric is a fabric that has been used in Japan for a long time.

It is also used for KENDO and JUDO uniforms.

The reason is that it is strong and light.

It is made from high-grade 18oz fabric.

Naturally, the fabric is made of MOMOTARO’s typical cotton, Zimbabwe cotton.

It is heavy and high-grade, but it will become very soft and comfortable as you wear it.

The leather patch is made of indigo leather.

You can also enjoy the FADE of the leather patch.

SASHIKO fabric is dyed with indigo, so you can enjoy the fading.

And because it is uneven, the fade in a unique way.

The 18oz denim fabric fades very coolly and looks great with the SASHIKO fabric.


Nudie Jeans Co.

Nudie Jeans is based on an idea. This idea is in turn composed of several concepts, beliefs, and a good portion of old fashioned fighting spirit. The pursuit of doing the opposite was one of the main reasons the brand got started, although not an end in itself. It was rather the passion for dry denim that pointed the brand in that direction. The raw, untreated fabric had at the time been falling into oblivion, and it wasn’t sought after by the public.

Nudie Jeans’ environmental philosophy was present even before the first collection was designed. Back then, organic cotton had been around for a while, but more or less as a fly-by. The demand for these fabrics was on the decrease. The supply followed. Yet another opportunity to do the opposite. Driven by conviction and determination, the process for an all-organic denim brand took off. The share of sustainable materials increased over the years, and since 2012 all Nudie Jeans denim is made with 100% organic cotton.

Nudie Jeans Co. Tight Terry Windy Blues
Nudie Jeans Co. Lean Dean Dry Japan Selvage
Nudie Jeans Co. Gritty Jackson Dry Onyx Selvage

Nudie Jeans Co. Kevin Dungarees Utility Denim (Men’s)

Nudie Jeans Co. Astrid Denim Dungarees Utility Denim (Women’s)

Momotaro Jeans Kamon + Going To Battle Stripes (Store Exclusive)


Only Exclusively  @ THE DENIM STORE

Momotaro Jeans Kamon + Going To Battle Stripe (Store Exclusive)

. 15.7oz. Selvedge Denim

. 100% Zimbabwe Cotton

Made In Japan

15.7oz. 0306-SPSK Tight Tapered


・Low rise, slim thigh and tapered from knee to hem
・15.07oz Sanforized Denim
・GTB Stripe painting on back pocket
・Original Rivets and Buttons
・Cow Leather Patch
・Pink Inseam
・Original Hidden Rivets
・Original Jacquard Pocket Lining
・100% Zimbabwe Cotton

Made In Japan

15.7oz. 0605-SPSK Natural Tapered


・Natural Tapered has medium rise, medium thigh and tapered from knee to hem
・15.07oz Sanforized Denim
・GTB Stripe painting on back pocket
・Original Rivets and Buttons
・Cow Leather Patch
・Pink Inseam
・Original Hidden Rivets
・Original Jacquard Pocket Lining
・100% Zimbabwe Cotton

Made In Japan

Nudie Jeans Co. Spring 2023

Nudie Jeans Co. Spring Collection 2023



Nonsense: words with no meaning. The opposite of common sense. Dance all night to make sense of the day. Spend another day in bed as an act of resistance. Make up your own rules; quit while you’re ahead. Make sense in a world of nonsense- Nudie Jeans Co.
Nudie Jeans Co. Lean Dean Blue Mud
Nudie Jeans Co. Gritty Jackson Sunny Blue
Nudie Jeans Co. Steady Eddie II Light Vintage

Nudie Jeans Co. Clean Eileen Sunny Blue

Nudie Jeans Co. Holly Western Pants 70’s Blue

Momotaro Jeans Year Of Rabbit 2023 (Limited Edition)


Momotaro Jeans 13oz. Organic Selvedge Narrow Tapered “Year Of Rabbit” 2023

. 13oz. Selvedge Denim

. Organic Cotton

. Narrow Tapered Fit

Comes with a denim calendar and drawstring bag for free.

Since it is limited to 500 pieces, each piece has a tag with the serial number attached to the back of the inner waist.

An illustration of a rabbit pops out of the pocket.

The back pocket has an illustration of a peach and rabbit hidden in a camouflage pattern.
This pattern is applied by Special laser discharged.



Nudie Jeans Co. Fall Collection 2022

Nudie Jeans Co. Fall Collection 2022

The five senses collage poster



It’s been proven, that it’s not just one thing that makes denim versatile.

With “The five senses,” Nudie Jeans Co. cherry-pick what expressions touch us and appeal to all five systems: visual, auditory, somatosensory, gustatory, and olfactory; meaning: what we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.

The inspiration is vast, but the aesthetics of “perfection” is the focal point. It’s everything we love about worn-in and vintage denim; the unique textures and indigo hues. We try to put into words what we sometimes feel when laying eyes on denim perfection. Sometimes a mere glance is all it takes to activate and perplex all five senses.

Nudie Jeans Co. Steady Eddie II Dry Selvedge

Nudie Jeans Co. Hagdahl Wallet Faux Reptile Cognac

Nudie Jeans Co. Bergendahl Wallet Zip Black


Nudie Jeans Co. Clean Eileen Gentle Fade

Momotaro Jeans New Collection

Momotaro Jeans New Collection

Momotaro Jeans 0306SA 18oz Tight Tapered w/GTB Sashiko Stripes

Momotaro Jeans 0306-SP Going to Battle (GTB) 15.7oz Zimbabwe Cotton Tight Tapered

Momotaro Jeans 0605-SP Going to Battle (GTB) 15.7oz Zimbabwe Cotton Natural Tapered

Momotaro Jeans 0905-SP 15.7oz Going To Battle Label (GTB) Classic Straight Jeans

Momotaro Jeans 02-022 10.5oz Deep Indigo Going To Battle (GTB) Bush Shorts

Warehouse & Co. Lot DD-1001XX 1947 Model (One Wash)

100% Japanese Made

Warehouse & Co. Lot DD-1001XX 1947 Model (One Wash)

Faithfully reproduce the model heading for the ’50s when jeans are in full swing after the control of supplies during the war is over. There are details that have been weeded out and details that have been revived, and it is said to be a turning point that sublimates from rugged workwear to sophisticated fashionwear. It features a straight silhouette of the royal road that falls straight from below the knee, and there is plenty of space around the waist, creating a classical and wide appearance.

The flagship model of a warehouse with a history of 20 years. Adopted 13.5oz denim made by dismantling and researching the denim banner of the 1930s. Since we are thoroughly aiming for the brand theme of “faithful reproduction of vintage” in sewing, there is a little space around the waist and the silhouette of the royal road that narrows down to the hem.
A coin pocket located slightly below the DD-1001XX. It goes down with each passing age
Since the winding stitch part is sewn with a width of 9/32 inches, it creates the same atari as vintage by wearing it.
Stitches sewn at a fine pitch with a single-needle sewing machine. Reproduce the view of the times carefully sewn along the edge
The decorative stitches sewn with a two-needle sewing machine are characterized by gentle curves. Uses yellow cotton thread
The more you use the original iron button, the more it rusts. Not only the fabric but also the metal parts aimed at the same secular change as the vintage
Punched rivets with fine engraving are used. It is a specification that characters emerge by digging in and dull rivets.
The leather patch also uses deer leather following the vintage. By repeating washing etc., the surface turns brown and creates a nice aging atmosphere.
The offset belt loop has the same sewing specifications as the vintage, so the indigo fades from the bulging central part.

Warehouse & Co. T-Shirt Production Process

Warehouse & Co. T-Shirt Production Process

Introducing the spinning and fabric factories that are the core of the uneven fabrics of Warehouse Company T-shirts

Warehouse Company has been making as standard products for more than 10 years, have a slight unevenness in the fabric, and when exposed to light, they create a slight shadow in the horizontal row, so they are commonly known as “shadow borders”.

The charm is the unique texture of the fabric. In general, the T-shirts tend to be soaked in, flocked, painted, etc., and the texture of the print tends to be noticed, but because of the texture peculiar to the fabric of the body, it creates a vintage-like feel with combination of the ageing print.

The three major elements that make up the fabric of their T-shirts are “cotton,” “thread,” and “knitting.” T-shirts evolved from underwear and spread as military wear in the 1940s and athletic wear in the 1950s. Among them, the one that we found most appealing was the ’50s T-shirt. Reproducing the uneven fabric peculiar to T-shirts from the ’40s to’ 50s. The warehouse company has thoroughly analyzed this fabric to faithfully reproduce it.


Raw materials for cotton are collected from all over the world in the warehouse of Taisho Spinning Co., Ltd., which is a spinning factory. Warehouse carefully select and use elastic cotton suitable for their T-shirts.

Selection of raw cotton: In order to make uneven yarn with a natural wavelength, it was necessary to choose cotton that was more elastic than usual. Warehouse have selected from a huge variety of cotton varieties and arrived at the optimum cotton.

A process called roving before it becomes a thread. Although it is already thread-like, it will be finished finer in the next process.

The ring (silver parts) attached to the spinning frame rotates to twist the yarn. This is the origin of the ring thread

The spinning process, which is the final stage of spinning. At this time, by making a difference in the rotation speed of the two rollers (brown parts) that send out the thread, a natural uneven thread is created.

The natural uneven yarn of the vintage T-shirts mentioned above is a by-product of the immature spinning technology of the time. For that reason, it is extremely difficult to reproduce the uneven thread using modern technology. However, after repeated research with a spinning factory, Warehouse succeeded in creating a natural uneven yarn.

Warehouse uneven threads are arranged side by side one by one. If you look closely, the thin part and the thick part are mixed (Right) In general uneven yarn, the thick part is extremely emphasized. You can’t make a warehouse shadow border with this fabric

A sinker knitting machine of Tsumura knitting machine that has been improved so that one-sided knitting can be performed with thick yarn. The fabric knitted with 12 threads is wound up by the lower roller.

From the era of T-shirts as underwear to athletic wear, there were many fabrics using thick threads. Therefore, Warehouse paid attention to the sinker knitting machine made in Japan, which started operation around the 1960s.

The sinker knitting machine use was originally used for double-sided knitting with thick threads such as milling underwear, but Warehouse remodel it into a single-sided knitting machine so that they could knit the T-shirt’s plain fabric with thick threads. Therefore, it is possible to make a fabric that makes the best use of the characteristics of natural uneven yarn.


Lighted warehouse fabric on the knitting machine. Creating a natural shadow border with a vintage feel.
A warehouse shadow border created by accumulating research results on various elements that make up T-shirts. Its reproducibility in creating this fabric is as enthusiastic as their passion for their denim.

Warehouse & Co. Summer Collection 2022

100% Japanese Made

Warehouse & Co. Summer Collection

Warehouse Lot. DD-1001XX 1947 Model (One Wash)


Warehouse Lot. DD1550 13.5oz Shorts (One Wash)

Warehouse Lot. 4800 3/4 Baseball T-Shirt PREP Grey

Warehouse Lot. 4063 3/4 Sleeve Football T-Shirt MIAMI HIGH


Warehouse Lot. 4063 3/4 Sleeve Football T-Shirt BROOKLYN

Warehouse Lot. 4601 San Jose State T-Shirt Sumikuro

Warehouse Lot. 4601 John S. Conner Eagles T-Shirt Off White

Warehouse Lot. 4601 No Print T-Shirt

Warehouse Lot. 4601 Pocket T-Shirt




Nudie Jeans Co. Pre-Fall Collection 2022

Nudie Jeans Co. Pre-Fall Collection 2022

Island Life

No one is an island entirely on their own.

Weever Island – a hidden gem in the archipelago off the west coast of Sweden. An isolated piece of land, thrown out in the North Sea, and largely unknown to the public. This is the kind of place where myths and legends are born.We met up with three of the island’s returning visitors to get a glimpse of an ordinary day in the outskirts of the known. The names have been changed to protect their identity.

Nudie Jeans Co. Rad Rufus Baked By The Denim Store

Nudie Jeans Co. Rad Rufus Baked By The Denim Store

It’s a world premiere. Designed by Nudie Jeans, customized by us.

Denim is always an option, and pizza is always a great idea; and who knows what appeals to our city’s denim scene better than your local denim dealer? As an exclusive preview, Nudie Jeans invited us, together with nine other stores worldwide, to create our own unique versions of their new fit Rad Rufus.

Nudie Jeans opened a pop-up pizzeria, supplied us with a menu of premium ingredients, and let us get creative. With the new silhouette as our base, we got to choose from five dry denim, and three washed denim options. For toppings, we chose thread color, type of trims, and the back patch color. And, of course, we created our own unique back-pocket embo colorway.

Rad Rufus: a mid-waist straight fit that strikes a perfect balance between relaxed and regular. Our Rad Rufus order is limited to 25 hand-numbered pieces, so it’s a first-come, first-served situation.



Momotaro Jeans Summer Collection 2022

Summer Collection 2022

“Made by hand without compromise” — Our products have proved this slogan. The Japanese denim.

Through our Okavama artisan spirit, we understand what denim is to its core, and our unwavering commitment to the intricate art of dyeing, weaving, sewing and washing, results in the highest quality “Jeans”. In order to make life, living and the mind richer through jeans, MOMOTARO JEANS is not just a fashion brand that simply offers the latest trends. we are a real clothing brand to be loved forever. For the enjovable casual life of young-at-heart adults, for the artisans of life who march to the beat of their own drum, we offer jeans as real quality ‘tools”.

Nudie Jeans Co. Spring 22


Spring 22 – All or Nothing

The new collection is inspired by the romance of dreams, togetherness, and the escape from everyday life. When where you go isn’t important, only the going itself. When you are with someone you like, and that is all that matters. When freedom is as close as it will ever get, and the desire to see life is as strong as it can ever be.

When all you risk losing is your “all or nothing” spirit.


Pure Blue Japan GRE-013 12oz Greencast Slim Tapered

12oz Greencast Indigo Denim Slim Tapered Our <GRE-013> 14oz Greencast Denim is a light ounce model.

The 12oz fabric is a little thin and soft, so it’s recommended for those looking for denim, especially for spring and summer, and those who aren’t comfortable with hard fabrics.

Greencast Indigo is finished in a color that feels calm even in the brightness due to the exquisite effect of the mixed green dye.
Therefore, it fits well with other colors and gives an impression that it is easy to match with various items.

In order to complete this unique color, we repeated trial and error, such as blending green dye and finely adjusting the concentration of indigo.

Please enjoy this original color of our company.
Also, since the threads are dyed by rope dyeing, you can enjoy the color fading.

The silhouette of GRE-013 is a slim tapered with a slightly shallow rise.

Cotton 100%

Nudie Jeans Co. The Naked Truth About – Johan Åberg


When Johan Åberg found the indigo molecule, he fell in love with it. His passion for this organic dye compound has led to the creation of an own blue universe.

We visited Johan’s Gothenburg-based studio to see him at work and hear more about how his obsession with indigo came about. He was not shy to give insights about his dye techniques, show us some of his traditional Japanese shibori and sashiko reparations, and give some insight behind Dye for Indigo philosophy.

Nudie Jeans presents The Naked Truth About Johan Åberg — Gothenburg, Sweden.



Mark Epperson, a world-wise man who loves the mountains, founded Epperson Mountaineering in 1973 in Montana.  Mark’s vision back then is the same as it is today; he couldn’t find any other backpacks that satisfied his demanding need for high-quality packs.  He believed that by utilizing highest quality materials, artisan craftsmanship, and innovative functional designs he could make great backpacks which he could be proud of.  Thus, he ambitiously embarked on an unending quest to create the perfect backpack.

 Gradually, as word spread about Mark Epperson’s backpacks, local outdoor enthusiasts sought the packs and consumer demand grew so that Mark eventually opened his own retail shop in Libby, Montana where he would make all the packs by hand one by one. As demand outstripped supply, Mark trained artisan pack makers to create Epperson Mountaineering backpacks for local people and consumers from around the world.

 Today, all Epperson Mountaineering products are still made in U.S.A. by artisan pack makers with the best components such as 1000 denier Cordura, YKK zippers, mil-spec tubular webbing or exclusive Indian/Oval pattern webbing, and reinforced seam-sealed inner compartments to guarantee long-term strength and durability.

 Honoring Mark’s wishes for everlasting quality, all Epperson Mountaineering products are continuously, individually scrutinized with careful attention to detail and persistent reflection of new ways to improve the ubiquitous backpack and other personal accessory products by Meg Company in California.



The Momotaro Jeans proudly presents its 15th Anniversary Special Collection, hailing all the way from Okayama Japan, made by hand with a decade and a half years of sincere craft and honest labor. A well-experienced artisans providing the best of the best in the denim industry. Featuring “Broken Denim Fabric” which will be available in the 0105 Narrow Tapered, 0205 Slim Straight and 0905 Classic Straight cuts with gold hardware details.

What the FAQ — How many Nudie Jeans fits are there?

Welcome to What the FAQ presented by Nudie Jeans:

Congratulations, you have found your way to the official unofficial guide to all Nudie Jeans fits ever created. At least up until 2020.
We actually don’t know if we got them all in here so to all the Nudie Jeans fans out there please let us know if our Community Co-ordinator Kaine missed any?


About What the FAQ

What the FAQ is dedicated to answering some of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Nudie Jeans. Whether it concerns our sustainability work, product info, or general denim advice, our experts and colleagues stand ready to enlighten the Nudie Jeans community.

See more What the FAQ on the Nudie Jeans YouTube channel.

What the FAQ — How to avoid crotch blowouts?

Welcome to What the FAQ presented by Nudie Jeans:

There’s a thing or two you can learn from Anna, our Customer Experience super-agent today. Especially if you’re wondering how to avoid a crotch blowout on your favorite jeans.

About What the FAQ

What the FAQ is dedicated to answering some of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Nudie Jeans. Whether it concerns our sustainability work, product info, or general denim advice, our experts and colleagues stand ready to enlighten the Nudie Jeans community.

See more What the FAQ on the Nudie Jeans YouTube channel.

Local Heroes — The Denim Store, Singapore

Here’s a little project with Nudie Jeans called “Local Heroes”.

We work with some of the best independent retailers across the globe. They are an amazing assortment with a wide range of concepts and characteristics. Some have been around for a long time, and others are the next generation. The one thing they all have in common is Nudie Jeans. In one way or another, they have all helped build this brand, so we wanted to highlight them, and there is no better time than now.

Check out our video on their instagram here!


Each Fabric Detail of ‘CIRCLE’ Straight by Japan Blue Jeans

Jeans of a New Dimension

With the recently released series of ‘CIRCLE’ Jeans, Japan Blue is pioneering the next stage of refined denim. The jeans have adopted a curved waistband in order to fit perfectly around the waist. It will allow for greater comfort and an improved silhouette starting from the waist. The jeans also feature pocket bags, made of thick cloth, and branding which refers to the CIRCLE line. And as to be expected, the jeans still feature all Japan Blue’s signature details like a tanned leather patch, royal blue inseam and branded doughnut-shaped buttons.

This new line is referred to as ‘ultimate jean’ which in addition to an enhanced fit, made from the finest fabrics which are carefully woven on vintage shuttle looms in Kojima. With this new line, Japan Blue Jeans are sticking to their Japanese roots and denim heritage, while paying homage to the brands’ evolution in Europe. CIRCLE is the result of years of co-operation between Japanese denim masters and European denim designers.

‘CIRCLE’ Straight by Japan Blue Jeans

Today, we will introduce each fabric detail of ‘Circle Straight’ as Japan Blue Jeans’ latest collection.



As the name of straight is, it is a silhouette that falls neatly to the hem, but it doesn’t give too wide impression with a slightly tapered silhouette.

There are 4 types of fabric:

  • J301 Circle Straight 14.8oz American Cotton Vintage Selvedge Jeans Rough and strong slab. After wearing, this fabric will still be hard made with rough material (old vintage style).
  • J304 Circle Straight 12.5oz African Cotton Vintage Selvedge Jeans
    Using African cotton with a long yarn length for both warp and weft. Soft and natural fading.
  • J401 Circle Classic Straight 14.8oz American Cotton Vintage Selvedge Jenas
    Made from Texas  to make a rough and stubborn fabric.

By spinning this American cotton slightly stronger, the strength is further increased.

The shape of the unevenness is also a little intensifying. By putting the thread into the limit, we have created a “thread for jeans” that retains its hardness even when worn.

Expect softer fabric after some wearing depending on the fabric model.

You can also enjoy the beautiful ageing that will only go better after some time.


What the FAQ — Jeans in the freezer, does it work?


Welcome to What the FAQ presented by Nudie Jeans:

Have you ever heard someone say that putting your jeans in the freezer will make them fresh again? This week we get to the bottom of if this tactic works or not.

About What the FAQ

What the FAQ is dedicated to answering some of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Nudie Jeans. Whether it concerns our sustainability work, product info or general denim advice, our experts and colleagues stand ready to enlighten the Nudie Jeans community.

See more What the FAQ on the Nudie Jeans YouTube channel.

How to wash a pair of dry jeans

Ever wondered how and when to wash your dry denim?

The question has plagued the denim world since the dawn of yarn, and every pair of dry jeans sold triggers questions about what way is the right way to go about this.

Join Kaine and textile engineer Jonas as they take this pair of jeans from soiled selvage to perfect fades.
Along the way, learn why you should consider a pre-wash soak and how leaving your newly washed denim in the machine might affect the final result.

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It all starts with a pair of drys

For some people, breaking in jeans is a sport. And for all of us, it’s definitely a challenge.

Breaking in a pair of dry jeans is a journey lasting six months. The outcome depends on how you travel. Sitting around in the office won’t grace the denim as much as if used while repairing motorcycles. Regardless of your lifestyle, your jeans become a log of the months gone by – you might even end up with a few amusing anecdotes referring to different stains, abrasions, or scrapings. When you’ve come this far, you and your new stiff drys will have gone from being separate entities to a unity – a second skin.

We put together a selection of great break-in potential denims.

All Nudie Jeans denim is made with 100% organic cotton.

The decision to use organically grown and harvested cotton is obvious. If there is a method to make the land where the cotton is grown and harvested stronger and more sustainable, and make our product more sustainable, there is no other option. We keep striving towards presenting an entire collection made from organic cotton.

Growing cotton the conventional way is a chemical intense process. These chemicals can pollute both the soil and the water. Organic cotton is grown without any artificial fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified cotton.