The latest FREITAG backpack is a bag that’s developed out of the friendship between a used truck tarp and a wannabe airbag. Its name: F707 STRATOS.

The fabric the F707 STRATOS is made of was originally designed to explode in an emergency and save lives as an airbag.

OK, F707 STRATOS may not save lives. But sometimes, it may just save your everyday life. Because despite all the mindfulness and downsizing, there are times when your hands are full, you need more room and a bigger bag. And you need it fast. That’s when the F707 STRATOS steps up to the plate. A lightweight backpack that doubles as a shoulder bag and, when you need it, unfolds from the tarp pocket as fast as an exploding airbag.

So, while the A-stock stuff, the authentic airbag material, has long been packed in behind a steering wheel, literally waiting for an accident to happen, our B-stock fabric has been living the good life. One full of the purpose you give it and free of fear from the sudden “Boom!”. Not as a lifesaver. Not as an airbag. But, finally, believe it or not, as a bag.

Japan Blue 10th Year Anniversary Limited Edition Circle

Japan Blue Jeans are treating us to a limited capsule collection in commemoration with their 10th year anniversary. The collection reflects Japan Blue journey in the last decade and symbolizes its core values, approach and denim offering. It is made from four very different fabrics that woven by the brand and have a significant role in their journey. Each of this fabric will age differently and provide contrasting results due to the different weight and characteristics of the cotton being used.

Fabric Details:

The four different fabrics are;
・16.5oz Cote d’Ivoire Monster selvedge:
Cote d’Ivoire cotton denim is one of the representative fabrics of Japan Blue Jeans. These cotton species are no improved breed so that it says that “closest to original” cotton. They are cultivated without pesticides and harvested by hand. Low-tension woven, which they call “Monster denim”, gives the denim an uneven face.
・14.8oz Texas, US cotton selvedge:
Rough and firm denim which is a signature fabric to JBJ since its establishment.
・12.5oz African cotton selvedge:
Classic indigo blue warp × Brown cotton mixed weft. It can be worn in all seasons.
・12.5oz Stretch selvedge:
It looks 100% cotton denim however the stretch 5% denim is woven by vintage shuttle loom, GL9.

Nudie Jeans Co. The Naked Truth About – Johan Åberg


When Johan Åberg found the indigo molecule, he fell in love with it. His passion for this organic dye compound has led to the creation of an own blue universe.

We visited Johan’s Gothenburg-based studio to see him at work and hear more about how his obsession with indigo came about. He was not shy to give insights about his dye techniques, show us some of his traditional Japanese shibori and sashiko reparations, and give some insight behind Dye for Indigo philosophy.

Nudie Jeans presents The Naked Truth About Johan Åberg — Gothenburg, Sweden.


Mark Epperson, a world-wise man who loves the mountains, founded Epperson Mountaineering in 1973 in Montana.  Mark’s vision back then is the same as it is today; he couldn’t find any other backpacks that satisfied his demanding need for high-quality packs.  He believed that by utilizing highest quality materials, artisan craftsmanship, and innovative functional designs he could make great backpacks which he could be proud of.  Thus, he ambitiously embarked on an unending quest to create the perfect backpack.

 Gradually, as word spread about Mark Epperson’s backpacks, local outdoor enthusiasts sought the packs and consumer demand grew so that Mark eventually opened his own retail shop in Libby, Montana where he would make all the packs by hand one by one. As demand outstripped supply, Mark trained artisan pack makers to create Epperson Mountaineering backpacks for local people and consumers from around the world.

 Today, all Epperson Mountaineering products are still made in U.S.A. by artisan pack makers with the best components such as 1000 denier Cordura, YKK zippers, mil-spec tubular webbing or exclusive Indian/Oval pattern webbing, and reinforced seam-sealed inner compartments to guarantee long-term strength and durability.

 Honoring Mark’s wishes for everlasting quality, all Epperson Mountaineering products are continuously, individually scrutinized with careful attention to detail and persistent reflection of new ways to improve the ubiquitous backpack and other personal accessory products by Meg Company in California.



The Momotaro Jeans proudly presents its 15th Anniversary Special Collection, hailing all the way from Okayama Japan, made by hand with a decade and a half years of sincere craft and honest labor. A well-experienced artisans providing the best of the best in the denim industry. Featuring “Broken Denim Fabric” which will be available in the 0105 Narrow Tapered, 0205 Slim Straight and 0905 Classic Straight cuts with gold hardware details.

What the FAQ — How many Nudie Jeans fits are there?

Welcome to What the FAQ presented by Nudie Jeans:

Congratulations, you have found your way to the official unofficial guide to all Nudie Jeans fits ever created. At least up until 2020.
We actually don’t know if we got them all in here so to all the Nudie Jeans fans out there please let us know if our Community Co-ordinator Kaine missed any?


About What the FAQ

What the FAQ is dedicated to answering some of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Nudie Jeans. Whether it concerns our sustainability work, product info, or general denim advice, our experts and colleagues stand ready to enlighten the Nudie Jeans community.

See more What the FAQ on the Nudie Jeans YouTube channel.

What the FAQ — How to avoid crotch blowouts?

Welcome to What the FAQ presented by Nudie Jeans:

There’s a thing or two you can learn from Anna, our Customer Experience super-agent today. Especially if you’re wondering how to avoid a crotch blowout on your favorite jeans.

About What the FAQ

What the FAQ is dedicated to answering some of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Nudie Jeans. Whether it concerns our sustainability work, product info, or general denim advice, our experts and colleagues stand ready to enlighten the Nudie Jeans community.

See more What the FAQ on the Nudie Jeans YouTube channel.

Local Heroes — The Denim Store, Singapore

Here’s a little project with Nudie Jeans called “Local Heroes”.

We work with some of the best independent retailers across the globe. They are an amazing assortment with a wide range of concepts and characteristics. Some have been around for a long time, and others are the next generation. The one thing they all have in common is Nudie Jeans. In one way or another, they have all helped build this brand, so we wanted to highlight them, and there is no better time than now.

Check out our video on their instagram here!

Each Fabric Detail of ‘CIRCLE’ Straight by Japan Blue Jeans

Jeans of a New Dimension

With the recently released series of ‘CIRCLE’ Jeans, Japan Blue is pioneering the next stage of refined denim. The jeans have adopted a curved waistband in order to fit perfectly around the waist. It will allow for greater comfort and an improved silhouette starting from the waist. The jeans also feature pocket bags, made of thick cloth, and branding which refers to the CIRCLE line. And as to be expected, the jeans still feature all Japan Blue’s signature details like a tanned leather patch, royal blue inseam and branded doughnut-shaped buttons.

This new line is referred to as ‘ultimate jean’ which in addition to an enhanced fit, made from the finest fabrics which are carefully woven on vintage shuttle looms in Kojima. With this new line, Japan Blue Jeans are sticking to their Japanese roots and denim heritage, while paying homage to the brands’ evolution in Europe. CIRCLE is the result of years of co-operation between Japanese denim masters and European denim designers.

‘CIRCLE’ Straight by Japan Blue Jeans

Today, we will introduce each fabric detail of ‘Circle Straight’ as Japan Blue Jeans’ latest collection.



As the name of straight is, it is a silhouette that falls neatly to the hem, but it doesn’t give too wide impression with a slightly tapered silhouette.

There are 4 types of fabric:

  • J301 Circle Straight 14.8oz American Cotton Vintage Selvedge Jeans Rough and strong slab. After wearing, this fabric will still be hard made with rough material (old vintage style).
  • J304 Circle Straight 12.5oz African Cotton Vintage Selvedge Jeans
    Using African cotton with a long yarn length for both warp and weft. Soft and natural fading.
  • J401 Circle Classic Straight 14.8oz American Cotton Vintage Selvedge Jenas
    Made from Texas  to make a rough and stubborn fabric.

    By spinning this American cotton slightly stronger, the strength is further increased.

    The shape of the unevenness is also a little intensifying. By putting the thread into the limit, we have created a “thread for jeans” that retains its hardness even when worn.

Expect softer fabric after some wearing depending on the fabric model.

You can also enjoy the beautiful ageing that will only go better after some time.