Pure Blue Japan Core Collection

Pure Blue Japan


Pure Blue Japan is know to have a unique production method utilizing a low tension machine, resulting in a slubby, and rough feeling denim. What is particularly special about their production is that most of their denim rolls off a single machine. A machine which has been adjusted to output fabric which features an uneven and hairy weave.

 Pure Blue Japan (xx-019) 14oz. indigo relaxed tapered jeans (Made In Japan) 

14oz. Original Japanese Selvedge denim

Unsanforized denim

Relaxed Tapered fit

5 button fly

PBJ Original hardware (buttons & rivets)

Blue Selvedge ID

Lambskin leather back patch

 Cotton 100%

  One Wash


Pure Blue Japan (SS5011) Indigo Jersey Crew Neck T-Shirt

Pure Blue Japan (SS5011) Indigo Jersey Crew Neck T-Shirt- Middle Indigo

Pure Blue Japan (SS5011) Indigo Jersey Crew Neck T-Shirt- Pale Indigo


How They Produce Natural  Indigo 

Pure Blue Japan used a traditional dyeing technique from Tokushima Prefecture called “Awa Shoai Dyeing”. As most denim is dyed with synthetic indigo , Pure Blue Japan decided to use natural indigo to make their jeans more unique and one-of-a-kind. The characteristic of Pure Blue Japan’s natural indigo-dyed denim is the deep indigo colour that cannot be expressed with synthetic indigo, and the unique color fading that sets it apart from other denim.

In general, yarns used for weaving denim fabric are called “rope dyeing” and the core of the yarn is not dyed, leaving the middle  of the yarn white. However, natural indigo dyeing, the yarn is dyed slowly by craftsmen using a technique called kase-zom (hank-eye) penetrating the indigo to the core of the yearn. For this reason , Pure Blue Japan’s natural indigo-dyed jeans do not show high contrast whiskers fades, but instead show a truly unique fading.





Nudie Jeans Co. Fall Collection 2022

Nudie Jeans Co. Fall Collection 2022

The five senses collage poster



It’s been proven, that it’s not just one thing that makes denim versatile.

With “The five senses,” Nudie Jeans Co. cherry-pick what expressions touch us and appeal to all five systems: visual, auditory, somatosensory, gustatory, and olfactory; meaning: what we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.

The inspiration is vast, but the aesthetics of “perfection” is the focal point. It’s everything we love about worn-in and vintage denim; the unique textures and indigo hues. We try to put into words what we sometimes feel when laying eyes on denim perfection. Sometimes a mere glance is all it takes to activate and perplex all five senses.

Nudie Jeans Co. Haori Rebirth Indigo

Nudie Jeans Co. Gritty Jackson Worn In Selvedge

Nudie Jeans Co. Roy Issue 4 Paper Pink

Nudie Jeans Co. Steady Eddie II Dry Selvedge

Nudie Jeans Co. Hagdahl Wallet Faux Reptile Cognac

Nudie Jeans Co. Bergendahl Wallet Zip Black

The Five Sense collage

Nudie Jeans Co. Roy 4 Paper Pink

Looks Women Fall 22

Nudie Jeans Co. Clean Eileen Cinnamon

Nudie Jeans Co. Joni 4 Paper Yellow

Nudie Jeans Co. Clean Eileen Gentle Fade

Nudie Jeans Co. Handsome Belt Classic Toffee Brown

Nudie Jeans Co. Handsome Belt Classic Black

Japan Blue Jeans Prep Collection

Japan Blue Jeans Prep Collection


Japan Blue J6163JZ Prep 13.5oz Côte d’Ivoire Cotton Vintage Selvedge Jeans


Japan Blue J6163JZ Prep 13.5oz Côte d’Ivoire Cotton Vintage Selvedge Jeans (Washed)


Japan Blue J6121J01 Prep 10oz Easy Stretch Denim Jeans Black


Japan Blue J6121J01 Prep 10oz Easy Stretch Denim Jeans Beige

Momotaro Jeans Sashiko GTB


Sashiko GTB

Let me talk about SASHIKO GTB JEANS, a very popular product of MOMOTARO JEANS.

Do you know SASHIKO fabric?

SashiKO fabric is a fabric that has been used in Japan for a long time.

It is also used for KENDO and JUDO uniforms.

The reason is that it is strong and light.

It is made from high-grade 18oz fabric.

Naturally, the fabric is made of MOMOTARO’s typical cotton, Zimbabwe cotton.

It is heavy and high-grade, but it will become very soft and comfortable as you wear it.

The leather patch is made of indigo leather.

You can also enjoy the FADE of the leather patch.

SASHIKO fabric is dyed with indigo, so you can enjoy the fading.

And because it is uneven, the fade in a unique way.

The 18oz denim fabric fades very coolly and looks great with the SASHIKO fabric.


Momotaro Jeans New Collection

Momotaro Jeans New Collection

Momotaro Jeans 0306SA 18oz Tight Tapered w/GTB Sashiko Stripes

Momotaro Jeans 0306-SP Going to Battle (GTB) 15.7oz Zimbabwe Cotton Tight Tapered

Momotaro Jeans 0605-SP Going to Battle (GTB) 15.7oz Zimbabwe Cotton Natural Tapered

Momotaro Jeans 0905-SP 15.7oz Going To Battle Label (GTB) Classic Straight Jeans

Momotaro Jeans 02-022 10.5oz Deep Indigo Going To Battle (GTB) Bush Shorts

Warehouse & Co. Lot DD-1001XX 1947 Model (One Wash)

100% Japanese Made

Warehouse & Co. Lot DD-1001XX 1947 Model (One Wash)

Faithfully reproduce the model heading for the ’50s when jeans are in full swing after the control of supplies during the war is over. There are details that have been weeded out and details that have been revived, and it is said to be a turning point that sublimates from rugged workwear to sophisticated fashionwear. It features a straight silhouette of the royal road that falls straight from below the knee, and there is plenty of space around the waist, creating a classical and wide appearance.

The flagship model of a warehouse with a history of 20 years. Adopted 13.5oz denim made by dismantling and researching the denim banner of the 1930s. Since we are thoroughly aiming for the brand theme of “faithful reproduction of vintage” in sewing, there is a little space around the waist and the silhouette of the royal road that narrows down to the hem.
A coin pocket located slightly below the DD-1001XX. It goes down with each passing age
Since the winding stitch part is sewn with a width of 9/32 inches, it creates the same atari as vintage by wearing it.
Stitches sewn at a fine pitch with a single-needle sewing machine. Reproduce the view of the times carefully sewn along the edge
The decorative stitches sewn with a two-needle sewing machine are characterized by gentle curves. Uses yellow cotton thread
The more you use the original iron button, the more it rusts. Not only the fabric but also the metal parts aimed at the same secular change as the vintage
Punched rivets with fine engraving are used. It is a specification that characters emerge by digging in and dull rivets.
The leather patch also uses deer leather following the vintage. By repeating washing etc., the surface turns brown and creates a nice aging atmosphere.
The offset belt loop has the same sewing specifications as the vintage, so the indigo fades from the bulging central part.

Warehouse & Co. T-Shirt Production Process

Warehouse & Co. T-Shirt Production Process

Introducing the spinning and fabric factories that are the core of the uneven fabrics of Warehouse Company T-shirts

Warehouse Company has been making as standard products for more than 10 years, have a slight unevenness in the fabric, and when exposed to light, they create a slight shadow in the horizontal row, so they are commonly known as “shadow borders”.

The charm is the unique texture of the fabric. In general, the T-shirts tend to be soaked in, flocked, painted, etc., and the texture of the print tends to be noticed, but because of the texture peculiar to the fabric of the body, it creates a vintage-like feel with combination of the ageing print.

The three major elements that make up the fabric of their T-shirts are “cotton,” “thread,” and “knitting.” T-shirts evolved from underwear and spread as military wear in the 1940s and athletic wear in the 1950s. Among them, the one that we found most appealing was the ’50s T-shirt. Reproducing the uneven fabric peculiar to T-shirts from the ’40s to’ 50s. The warehouse company has thoroughly analyzed this fabric to faithfully reproduce it.


Raw materials for cotton are collected from all over the world in the warehouse of Taisho Spinning Co., Ltd., which is a spinning factory. Warehouse carefully select and use elastic cotton suitable for their T-shirts.

Selection of raw cotton: In order to make uneven yarn with a natural wavelength, it was necessary to choose cotton that was more elastic than usual. Warehouse have selected from a huge variety of cotton varieties and arrived at the optimum cotton.

A process called roving before it becomes a thread. Although it is already thread-like, it will be finished finer in the next process.

The ring (silver parts) attached to the spinning frame rotates to twist the yarn. This is the origin of the ring thread

The spinning process, which is the final stage of spinning. At this time, by making a difference in the rotation speed of the two rollers (brown parts) that send out the thread, a natural uneven thread is created.

The natural uneven yarn of the vintage T-shirts mentioned above is a by-product of the immature spinning technology of the time. For that reason, it is extremely difficult to reproduce the uneven thread using modern technology. However, after repeated research with a spinning factory, Warehouse succeeded in creating a natural uneven yarn.

Warehouse uneven threads are arranged side by side one by one. If you look closely, the thin part and the thick part are mixed (Right) In general uneven yarn, the thick part is extremely emphasized. You can’t make a warehouse shadow border with this fabric

A sinker knitting machine of Tsumura knitting machine that has been improved so that one-sided knitting can be performed with thick yarn. The fabric knitted with 12 threads is wound up by the lower roller.

From the era of T-shirts as underwear to athletic wear, there were many fabrics using thick threads. Therefore, Warehouse paid attention to the sinker knitting machine made in Japan, which started operation around the 1960s.

The sinker knitting machine use was originally used for double-sided knitting with thick threads such as milling underwear, but Warehouse remodel it into a single-sided knitting machine so that they could knit the T-shirt’s plain fabric with thick threads. Therefore, it is possible to make a fabric that makes the best use of the characteristics of natural uneven yarn.


Lighted warehouse fabric on the knitting machine. Creating a natural shadow border with a vintage feel.
A warehouse shadow border created by accumulating research results on various elements that make up T-shirts. Its reproducibility in creating this fabric is as enthusiastic as their passion for their denim.

Warehouse & Co. Summer Collection 2022

100% Japanese Made

Warehouse & Co. Summer Collection

Warehouse Lot. DD-1001XX 1947 Model (One Wash)


Warehouse Lot. DD1550 13.5oz Shorts (One Wash)

Warehouse Lot. 4800 3/4 Baseball T-Shirt PREP Grey

Warehouse Lot. 4063 3/4 Sleeve Football T-Shirt MIAMI HIGH


Warehouse Lot. 4063 3/4 Sleeve Football T-Shirt BROOKLYN

Warehouse Lot. 4601 San Jose State T-Shirt Sumikuro

Warehouse Lot. 4601 John S. Conner Eagles T-Shirt Off White

Warehouse Lot. 4601 No Print T-Shirt

Warehouse Lot. 4601 Pocket T-Shirt

Warehouse Lot. 4082 One Button Henley T-Shirt