THE DENIM STORE was established in 2010 as a brick and mortar store in Singapore. We are now located at Kampung Glam @ City Gate. The area has a good mix of popular bars and cafes with their own unique style just like ours. It provides a visual treat just by strolling along this street.

As the name speaks for itself, we offer a wide range of selvedge denim jeans and quality workwear. In a city where things are constantly evolving, one thing that stay true for us, is our passion for fine denim and workwear.

Raw denim has the ability to show the character of fabric with daily wear, which leaves creases and marks during work or play. Quality denim will significantly stands out in this aspect.

We do not just look at denim as a piece of garment, but more of a living fabric that displays the wearer’s every steps as he or she moves forward in life. We cannot determine if one’s life turns out to be good or bad, but one thing’s for sure, his or her jeans will just get better with time.